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  • Do I have to be able to swim?
    Yes, we do ask that anyone hiring equipment from us is able to swim.
  • Can my friends use the equipment I’ve hired?
    Only people who have listened to the safety brief and have agreed to the terms and conditions of hire are permitted to use the equipment.
  • Do I have to be staying on St Martin’s?
    No, there are regular inter island tripper boats that come over to St Martin's from all the inhabited islands. These are like 'water buses' so you don't need to book your place in advance. Remember to choose your hire start time to fit in with inter island boating. There is an 08:45 boat from St Mary's on most days if you want to book our equipment for the day. The last boat back is usually 1645. Daily boat times from St Mary's can be found here.
  • What do I do with the equipment if I’m hiring for longer than a day?
    You need to be staying on St Martin's if you want a long term hire. Check out our blog on the advantages of a long term hire. We just ask you to pull the equipment well above the high water line over night. Please take your paddles and buoyancy aids back to your holiday accommodation every evening. The paddle boards are inflatable and come with a pump. At the end of your hire period, please return the equipment to Par Beach at the time arranged in the safety brief.
  • Is the hire weather dependent?
    Yes, because your safety is our primary concern all hires are weather dependent. If the wind speed is predicted to be above 18 knots in any direction, then we will cancel your hire. We always try and rearrange your booking, but if that's not possible you will get a full refund. Why not read our blog rating the weather apps that we use to keep an eye on the weather?
  • What’s included in the price of the hire?
    As well as the kayak or paddle board you will have paddles, a leash, a buoyancy aid, whistle and a waterproof housing for your mobile phone. We can also provide doggy lifejackets. If you want to have additional dry storage we hire out 15L drybags. Here's our advice on what you may want to bring with you.
  • Do I need a phone with me?
    Yes. As lovely as it is to be away from technology while on holiday, for your safety, you must have a charged mobile phone with you which is switched on. We will provide, included in the cost of your hire, a waterproof mobile phone case. If you want additional dry storage space we also rent out 15L drybags.
  • Can children paddle on their own?
    Yes, just please make sure they are within shouting distance of you at all times.
  • Where can I paddle to?
    We have four hire zones that you are allowed to explore. You will be given a map showing your hire area during the safety brief. The choice of areas will depend on the weather and sea conditions, your experience and the equipment you are hiring. We have lots of helpful blogs to help you plan your paddling adventures. These include the best beaches to kayak to and a paddleboard tour of St Martin's. If you're short on time, we have recommendations for one hour kayak hires.
  • What if the weather deteriorates?
    We always keep a close eye on the weather; if it deteriorates we will contact you on the number you have given us to advise you to return to St Martin’s. Please ensure the phone you bring with you is fully charged and that you can hear it when it rings.
  • Do I need previous experience?
    You don’t need previous experience but you must be able to swim. All our equipment is self righting and we will allocate you a zone depending on the level of your experience and the weather and sea conditions. Here's our advice on what you may want to bring with you.
  • What else can I do on St Martin’s?
    For a small island, St Martin’s has so much to offer. Once you've had fun out on the water, there are two cafes, Little Arthur and Polreath, and a Bakery in Higher Town all serving delicious food. There is also the Post Office and general stores if you need snacks. You can also eat in Lower Town at the Sevenstones Inn and Karma St Martin's. If you're looking for other things to do on St Martin's, you can snorkel with seals, go out on a glass bottomed boat or visit the Vineyard. If you're after some retail therapy there's the wonderful Fay Page, Middletown Barn Honesty shop and North Farm Gallery. For more detailed information about the island, please visit our community website Alternatively, find a guidebook here.
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