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A woman is carrying a paddleboard down to the water's edge

Kayaking and paddle boarding are activities which require a certain level of mobility and fitness and the safety of our customers is our most important priority. 


For those visitors who have a disability, whether visible or invisible, and who feel they are fit enough to take part in either activity, if there is a safe way for us to get you out on the water, then we will do our very best to make it happen.

If you have any concerns about hiring our equipment, please contact us to discuss your options. 


We are based on Par Beach  opposite Higher Town Quay on St Martin's.  Access to the beach from the quay is a short walk along a tarmacked road then down a sloping sandy track.  There are public toilets close to our location which have disabled access. 


A condition  of your hire is that you bring a charged mobile phone with you, in case of   an emergency.  We provide waterproof phone cases free of charge.

We also have 15L dry bags available for hire. These are big enough to store hearing aids, inhalers and medication, keeping your important items safe and dry. Our terms and conditions of hire are available in large print.


Getting to St Martin’s from the other islands will involve a boat trip and the use of quay steps.  If your boat lands at Lower Town Quay, which is the other end of the island from our location, there will be a 30 minute walk to get to us.


If you have difficulties with mobility and are staying on St Martin's, it is possible to hire a mobility scooter on the island. These can be hired on a weekly basis . Please visit the St Martin's community website or call Chris Savill on 01720 423563 for more information.

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