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Sometimes, it feels to us that we put more emphasis on kayaks than paddleboards. So, we thought we’d start by telling you about our fabulous paddleboards first.

St Martins Watersports paddleboard hire paddleboarder.jpg
People having fun on stand up paddleboards
Stand Up Paddle Boards for hire

For our paddleboards, we’ve chosen Starboard IGO inflatable paddleboards.  If you’re after a solo adventure or want family fun, these boards are known for being steady, having good speed as well as being easy to turn.  The IGO boards are perfect for the first-time paddler, families with pets and anyone who wants to have fun out on the water.  Starboard is a B Corp company. We love their support for social and environmental projects which are helping to protect the ocean.

Our Strobe SUP’s come from a Cornish company with over 25 years’ experience in watersports. We’ve chosen their most family friendly designs.  Share your paddle boarding experience with their two person SUP and double the fun.  The huge four person ‘Strobe Zilla’ can be a pirate ship, a diving platform or whatever your imagination wants it to be. This board guarantees endless fun out on the water.


When you hire a paddleboard, your hire includes a buoyancy aid, waterproof mobile phone case and a leash.  You can explore our Zone Four on a paddleboard.  If you want to see stunning scenery and beautiful marine life, get inspiration from our  paddleboard tour of St Martin’s Isles of Scilly.

St Martins Watersports single kayak hire woman  off uninhabited island.jpg
Equipment Kayakers.JPG
Kayaks for hire

We hire single and double RTM kayaks. These are sit on top kayaks which are stable, manoeuvrable and very easy to use. If you’re new to kayaking, they’re perfect for messing around by the beach or paddling along the beautiful coastline of St Martin’s. If you want to head out on a kayaking adventure, you have the freedom to explore uninhabited islands, land on the Ganilly sandbar or even kayak to Tresco.


There’s plenty of storage room on the kayaks. The double kayaks have a central seat which is suitable for a small child or a dog. As well as providing you with buoyancy aids, we also have three sizes of doggy life jackets.


You can explore all our Zones during your kayak hire on the Isles of Scilly. We’re always happy to provide you with advice, depending on your level of experience and the weather conditions, as to where your kayaking adventure could take you. To help you decide, these are what we believe are the top five beaches to visit by kayak.

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