It all started with the seals… 


I first visited St Martin’s in 1990 on a diving holiday, had a memorable underwater encounter with seals, and my love affair with the islands began.  By 1998, I’d moved here to teach scuba diving at the local Dive School, alongside running seal snorkelling trips. The crystal-clear waters around St Martin’s are really special and I wanted to share my passion for exploring them in an accessible way. In 2018, I started hiring kayaks and paddleboards, enabling the lovely visitors who come to Scilly to venture out to uninhabited islands and enjoy the stunning waters that are an integral part of our island home.

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As an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Isles of Scilly is renowned for its scenery and incredible wildlife.  We are passionate about protecting the environment we operate in, and as members of the WiSe scheme, we’ll help you explore the islands with minimal disturbance to wildlife.


You can reach three uninhabited islands in just a 25 minute gentle paddle from Par Beach and also discover the magical sandbar that is only exposed around low water. The islands of Tean and Tresco are a little bit further to paddle to but well worth the effort. You can discover neolithic settlements, find your favourite deserted beach, and paddle over beds of sea grass, home to crabs, fish and anemones. You may even have an encounter with my favourite sea mammal, a grey seal!


We have over twenty years of experience of working out on the water, and can give you all advice and support you’ll need for a perfect paddling adventure. Hire our equipment from as little as one hour through to six days, tailoring your experience out on the water to your holiday plans on these idyllic islands. We operate from April through to October, always weather permitting, and are open Sundays to Fridays. 


We believe the best moments happen at sea!
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