Environmental Policy

St Martin’s Watersports is a business that hires out kayaks and stand up paddles boards which are environmentally sustainable modes of transport that have a minimal impact on the environment.  We operate in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and in order to protect and safeguard this precious environment we will:

  • Comply with any relevant regulatory and legal environmental recommendations.

  • Instruct customers how to interact near wildlife as a WiSe scheme accredited business.

  • Encourage customers to take any litter home and to leave no trace of their visit to uninhabited islands.

  • Provide guidance as to which of the Eastern Isles are closed to the public to protect wildlife

  • Time bookings so that customers from other islands can come to St Martin’s by tripper boats, the equivalent of public transport on Scilly.

  • Have a minimum impact on the area where the hiring takes place and will undertake regular beach cleans on Par Beach.

  • Promote the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust, who are responsible for managing the majority of the islands, by including their leaflets in the information provided to our customers and by having a collection box at the hiring point.

  • Regularly review our operating practices to ensure that environmental impact is kept to a minimum and to embrace developments in best practice.